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  • 24th SOW paves way with innovated human performance programing method

    How does someone prepare themselves for a 4-day operation, where they are on the go, but must remain vigilant and clear-headed to deliver airpower onto the battlefield…. with limited sleep?The answer isn’t simple and likely has something to do with years of training, but at the 24th Special

  • Grit and determination: AFSOC Airmen slide with Team USA bobsled

    Two Airmen within Air Force Special Operations Command were selected to compete with the USA Bobsled team this year. Capt. Dakota Lynch, a U-28A pilot with the 34th Special Operations Squadron, and Capt. Chris Walsh, a Special Tactics officer with the 24th Special Operations Wing, are push athletes

  • CSAF, family unveil recent MOH recipient's name on Special Tactics Memorial

    Sunlight shed for the first time on a well-known, but newly-engraved name under the recently installed Medal of Honor recipient display at the Special Tactics Memorial in the airpark Oct. 27.Hundreds of Air Commandos, family members and distinguished visitors gathered at the airpark to watch as U.S.

  • 30-year ST ‘giant’ dons beret one last time

    As a teenager, he grew up like most, listening and learning from his grandfather, an Air Force maintenance officer of 25 years.The talks shaped him and ultimately decided his future at an early age – he would join the U.S. Air Force.Thirty years later, at the finishing line of an extensive and

  • Master Sgt. John Chapman immortalized at hometown commemoration

    The town of Windsor Locks is relatively small, totaling 12,500 residents, but is home to an international airport, the 1965 Little League World Series championship and most recently a recipient of the nation’s highest decoration for valor. The hometown of Master Sgt. John Chapman commemorated the

  • 17th STS Airmen participate in RED FLAG-Alaska 18-3, Jaded Thunder

    A Special Tactics Airman with the 17th Special Tactics Squadron surveys a target following close air support training during RED FLAG-Alaska 18-3 at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, Aug. 16, 2018. Special Tactics Airmen are a ground force that maximize the impacts of air power by controlling and