Approaching Application Deadlines:

STO Application: 10 Sept 2021

TACP Enlisted Application: 1 August 2021

Train for ST

Special Tactics members are the most physically-elite Airmen in the Department of Defense. To become a member of the team, follow the workout plan below to prepare for selection.

Prep Resources

Each year, Special Tactics assesses candidates from diverse sections of society, such as scholars, business professionals, ROTC/Academy Cadets, military members, and other civilians with varying degrees of military experience or knowledge. The following lists are recommendations to assist an individual that is interested in joining the ranks of Air Force Special Tactics. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, merely recommendations to help you better understand the culture, mission sets, and requirements of a Special Tactics Operator. We hope to see you in the future.

Do you have what it takes?

It takes two to three years to become one of the Air Force's ground special operators. While each career field is different, one thing is the same: It takes dedication, mental and intestinal fortitude and a never-quit attitude. Check out the links below for the different pipelines within Special Tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Note to Visitors

While the Air Force Special Tactics community encompasses Combat Controllers, Special Reconnaisance, Pararescue, and Tactical Air Control Party, Airmen interested in those enlisted specialties must apply through the Air Force Special Warfare pipeline first. Visit airforce.com/SpecialWarfare for info and to find a recruiter. 

The 24th Special Operations Wing's Special Tactics Training Squadron holds selection and assessments for: Special Tactics Officers, Combat Rescue Officers, ST TACP Officers, ST TACP Enlisted, and Special Operations Surgical Team members. 

Applications for those assessments and training recommendations are also found on this page. It is strongly recommended that you train extensively before you enter the "training pipeline" to become a Special Tactics operator or Special Operations Surgical Team member.

We have an "FAQs" section below that will answer some of your questions, and we ask if you have specific questions on specific Special Tactics roles to use the resources in the "Contact List" below to address any questions you may have.


For general recruiting/careerfield questions:

Special Tactics Officer (STO) and ST TACP (enlisted and officer) questions email : STO.Recruiter@us.af.mil

Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) questions: CRO.Selection@us.af.mil

SOST questions: 720OSS.SOST.orgbox@us.af.mil


For application/assessment questions: 24SOWSTTS.ASSESSMENTS.RAS@us.af.mil

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