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  • 30-year ST ‘giant’ dons beret one last time

    As a teenager, he grew up like most, listening and learning from his grandfather, an Air Force maintenance officer of 25 years. The talks shaped him and ultimately decided his future at an early age – he would join the U.S. Air Force. Thirty years later, at the finishing line of an extensive and rewarding career, Chief Master Sgt. Michael West, a Special Tactics combat controller with the 24th Special Operations Wing, is donning his scarlet beret for the last time during his retirement ceremony at the Special Tactics Training Squadron, here, Oct. 19.
  • 23rd STS hands off Hurricane Michael airfield operations to 821st CRG at Tyndall AFB

    When Hurricane Michael began devastating much of the Florida panhandle with upwards of 150 mph gusts and rain on Oct. 10, it left many with uncertainty of what their community would look like when they returned home. For a portion of that area, a ghosted and devastated Tyndall Air Force Base, it didn’t take long for support to start flowing in to aid. One day after Hurricane Michael hit the area, a Special Tactics troop with the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron was flown in on two CV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft assigned to the 8th Special Operations Squadron to assess, and if possible, open the airfield.
  • 23rd STS guides Airpower into Tyndall AFB

    Special Tactics Airmen with the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron facilitate aircraft traffic at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, Oct. 14, 2018. Special Tactics Airmen were transported to Tyndall to assess, open, and control the airfield, and facilitate humanitarian relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Michael. (U.S. Air Force photo by
  • Special Tactics Airmen open Tyndall Air Force Base airfield for operations

    Air Force Special Tactics Airmen with the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron assessed, opened and controlled air traffic at Tyndall Air Force Base, Oct. 11. Special Tactics Airmen have the ability to assess, open, and control major airfields to clandestine dirt strips in any environment, including those that have been impacted by a natural disaster.
  • Special Tactics Airmen train alongside conventional Army forces at NTC 18-10

    For 10 solid days from Aug. 30 to Sept. 9, the Special Tactics Airmen teamed up with the U.S. Army 3rd Special Forces Group, also from Fort Bragg, and the 1st Infantry Division from Fort Riley, Kansas, for NTC 18-10. A simulated conflict where conventional forces wage war against one another, NTC 18-10 was an intense, realistic and complex training scenario to validate their interoperability in the world’s largest force-on-force training at the National Training Center on Fort Irwin, California.
  • Master Sgt. John Chapman immortalized at hometown commemoration

    The town of Windsor Locks is relatively small, totaling 12,500 residents, but is home to an international airport, the 1965 Little League World Series championship and most recently a recipient of the nation’s highest decoration for valor. The hometown of Master Sgt. John Chapman commemorated the life of the Special Tactics combat controller, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor a few months ago for his valorous efforts during the Battle of Takur Ghar in 2002.
  • 21st STS Airmen conduct global access training

    Special Tactics Airmen with the 21st Special Tactics Squadron perform global access training at Fort Bliss, Texas, June 24, 2018. Special Tactics teams can access man-made and naturally contested, degraded and operationally-challenged environments, enabling options for assault and power projection of U.S. and allied partner forces. Special Tactics
  • 26th STS performs mountaineer training in Montana

    Special Tactics Airmen with the 26th Special Tactics Squadron perform mountaineer training at Crow Indian Reservation, Montana, June 19, 2018. Special Tactics is U.S. Special Operations Command’s tactical air and ground integration force, and the Air Force’s special operations ground force, leading global access, precision strike, personnel
  • 17th STS Airmen participate in RED FLAG-Alaska 18-3, Jaded Thunder

    A Special Tactics Airman with the 17th Special Tactics Squadron surveys a target following close air support training during RED FLAG-Alaska 18-3 at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, Aug. 16, 2018. Special Tactics Airmen are a ground force that maximize the impacts of air power by controlling and directing precise strikes to destroy enemy terrain,
  • 320th STS jumps onto Kwajalein Atoll

    A Special Tactics Airman with the 320th Special Tactics Squadron conducts an airfield assessment at Kwajalein Atoll, June 19, 2018. Special Tactics Teams can access, open, and control major airfields to clandestine dirt strips in either permissive or hostile locations, providing strategic access and power projection for our nation’s military. (U.S.