Special Tactics Airmen train to infiltrate via free fall

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  • 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
Members of the 26th Special Tactics Squadron conducted routine jump training March 25 just over the Cannon flightline, training to infiltrate hostile or remote areas where it is not possible for aircraft to land.

While jumpers loaded onto an MC-130J Commando II, a ground crew worked quickly to establish a landing zone. And with safety consistently being a top priority of the wing, emergency response teams took their position nearby.

The 26th STS is part of the 24th Special Operations Wing, one of three Air Force active-duty special operations wings assigned to Air Force Special Operations Command.

Special Tactics Airmen train to rapidly deploy to enable airpower success, global access, precision strike, and personnel recovery operations. They are ground special operations who are experts at air/ground integration, specializing in airfield reconnaissance, assessment, and control; personnel recovery; joint terminal attack control and environmental reconnaissance.

Additionally, Special Tactics Airmen often embed with Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets and Rangers to provide everything from combat air support to medical aid and personnel recovery, depending on their specialty.

Special Tactics is made up of Special Tactics Officers, Combat Controllers, Combat Rescue Officers, Pararescuemen, Special Operations Weather Officers and Airmen, Air Liaison Officers, Tactical Air Control Party operators, and a number of combat support Airmen which make up 58 Air Force specialties.

These unique skills provide a full-spectrum, air-focused special operations capability to combatant commanders in order to ensure airpower success. With their unique skill sets, Special Tactics operators are often the first special operations elements deployed into combat or crisis situations.