724 Special Tactics Group


If you are starting to think about your next move inside the Air Force we want to be in the conversation. If you want more opportunities to make a difference and have impact in the work you do, come join our team and help us solve the Nation's most difficult tactical problems.

Our Mission... Solving the Nation's Most Difficult Tactical Problems

The 724th Special Tactics Group provides training and technical assistance in the development of tactics, techniques, and procedures to ensure standardization across the AFSOC Special Tactics community. 

Our People...

Our people are the most focused and motivated you will find anywhere. Their dedication to our mission ensures the 724 STG is always poised for success.

RASD (Recruiting, Assessment, Selection, & Development)

RASD leads all recruiting, assessment, selection, and development for the Group. If you are interested in joining our organization, use the info below to guide your next steps.

Support Recruiting and Hiring

  • Support Application Process

    This process is for ALL support AFSCs, and for operator AFSCs that are NOT applying for the Operator Training Course

    The application process is completed in two phases:

    Phase I

    * Applicant completes the online application and submits.

    * Once submitted, the application will automatically send a recommendation request to your commander via email.

    * We will review your application and commander's recommendation for position compatibility 

    * We will send results of Phase I screening and invite those deemed compatible to Phase II (TDY to Pope Field, NC)​


    Phase II ( ​Phase II lasts 4 days)

    * You will undergo both psychological and security screenings for position compatibility and suitability

    * Our process is centered around our attributes. You will conduct multiple events to showcase your problem-solving, communication, interpersonal effectiveness, stress tolerance, and drive. The feedback from previous applicants is that this experience is highly rewarding whether hired or not. 

    * On the last day, your data will be reviewed by a commander's board that will make the final hiring decision. You will be informed once these decisions are finalized.

    *All candidates will receive feedback on their performance regardless of the hiring decision.

  • Please use the link below to start your application


    Click HERE to start your application


  • Upcoming Dates

    Support assessment and selections normally take place the 3rd week of each month. Once you submit your application the support recruiters will contact you to schedule your attendance. 


   All of our TACPO positions are full for the foreseeable future. We aren't sure when we will be accepting TACPO applications again. Please keep checking back here, or contact Mr. Free and Mr. Erhardt for updates. 

Operator Recruiting & Selection

  • Operator Hiring Process

    All operators (1Z and 19Z) seeking to apply for selection should follow this process. If you are applying for a staff position, follow the process located under the support flyout. 

    Application process completed in several phases:

    Phase I

    * Inform your leadership that you intend to apply for the 724 STG.

    * Click on the link located below this section to begin your online application 

    * Once you submit your application, your CC, SEA, and TL will receive an email asking them to complete a leadership eval on you. 

    * Once you submit your application and we receive your leadership evals, we will review it for completeness and place it in the Phase I board queue.

    * The Phase I board will take place approx 1-month prior to Phase II (the TDY portion).  Those chosen to attend the next phase will receive reporting instructions for the TDY portion.  Those not chosen will receive an email stating the reasons why.

     * You will have 30+ days after the board results to prepare for the next phase of selection.

    Phase II and III (TDY portion)

    * We will issue you a DTS fund cite for your travel.

    * You will follow the reporting instructions and meet at the appropriate time and place.

    * Phase II & III last approximately 8 days total.  

    * These phases will be mentally and physically challenging and the more you prepare, the more effective your performance will be.

    * At the end of the process, each candidate will be given the Commander's decision on their selection to the 724 STG.

    * Regardless if selected or not, each candidate will be given detailed feedback outlining the strengths and weaknesses witnessed by your evaluators and peers.

  • Operator Application and Leader Eval Forms


    Click HERE to start your application.


  • Upcoming Operator Selection Dates...

    Selection: 25-02

    • Application Deadline (26 Feb 24)
    • TDY Dates (8-16 Apr 24)


    Selection 25-03

    • Application Deadline (10 Sep 24)
    • TDY Dates (14-22 Oct 24)


    Selection 25-04

    • Application Deadline (28 Oct 24)
    • TDY Dates (2-10 Dec 24)

    Selection 26-01

    • Application Deadline (27 Jan 25)
    • TDY Dates (24 Jan - 4 Feb 25)

Preparing for Our Assessment and Selection (A&S) Process

Whether operator or support, our A&S process will be both challenging and enlightening for each candidate. Below are some helpful tips on preparing for your A&S journey. If you are coming to a support A&S, you should focus your attention mainly on our attributes, some of the mental tips, and the podcasts. If you are an operator, you should focus on all the information listed below.
  • Insight Thru Experience Podcasts

    The Insight Thru Experience Podcast is meant to provide some useful info for those thinking about coming to the 724 STG, or those already preparing for an upcoming selection.  These are interviews with operators, leaders, and specialists who want to share their experiences for those coming up behind them.  Click on your favorite medium below to proceed to the podcast:



    Link to four candidates discussing their experience at operator A&S

    Link to podcast discussing our Support Assessment and Selection process

Human Performance Optimization (HPO)

  • Our HPO Team

    The 724 STG Human Performance Optimization (HPO) team is made up of 51 specialized professionals that focus solely on bringing people into the organization (e.g., PEAK PERFORMANCE) and supporting /developing them when in the organization (e.g., RESET, Coaching programs, etc...).

    The 51 professionals include psychologists, Human Performance Specialist, Chaplain teams, and a vast amount of medical specialists. HPO is focused on 5 primary lines of efforts (LOES) across the unit. Those efforts are Assessment and Selection, Sustainment/support, Medical Training, Development/Coaching, and Operational Support/Performance Enhancement.

    The HPO team is embedded in our operational and training squadrons to accomplish direct, one-on-one bolstering of performance and resilience among Unit members. This approach builds trust, transparency, and integration to ensure minds are sharp and well, bodies are strong, and we can continue to execute an extraordinary mission.

Family & Local Area Info

The 724 STG goes to great lengths to ensure the families have access to the resources that will keep them healthy, happy, and resilient. Click on the links below to find out more info about the local area and resources available.

Resilient Families

Local Area Info         

Visit NC Website

Note to Visitors

Note - The 724 STG is a unit that can only hire experienced Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Air Force members. 

If you are looking for information on how to become an Air Force Special Warfare Operator visit  https://www.airforce.com/careers/in-demand-careers/special-warfare  

If you are seeking information about joining the US Air Force, visit https://www.airforce.com/.