COVID-19 Information

24 SOW COVID-19 May 12 Update:

COVID-19 Video Message from Col. Matt Allen and Chief Jeff Guilmain: https://www.facebook.com/AirForceSpecialTactics/videos/2886257681454019/

U.S. Special Operations Command leadership message to the force regarding COVID-19: https://www.facebook.com/ussocomffrp/videos/596423097631955/

**24 SOW members should follow the guidelines of their host installation. Please visit the CDC website for the most up-to-date global COVID-19 info and the DOD website for most up-to-date info affecting DOD members. Information pertaining to 24 SOW members include:

  • Level-3 designated countries include: Brazil, Australia, Ecuador, Chile, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, Canada, Israel, Japan, China, Iran, South Korea, Romania, United Kingdom, Ireland and the European Schengen area
  • The Secretary of Defense has directed all installations to move to and implement HPCON Charlie and implement use of face coverings for DOD members
  • DOD issued updated Stop Movement order for all international and domestic travel through June 30. CONUS to CONUS PCS travel is not authorized for DOD members at this time. Members already enroute to PCS may continue to final destination. Service member local leave restrictions remain in place. Exceptions for mission essential personnel, initial skills training apply. For more information on exceptions to this policy click MyPers link HERE and reference May 1 questions and answers.
  • See COVID-19 Terms and Procedures for info on self-monitoring, self-quarantine, isolation
  • See April 8 Guidance on COVID-19 cybersecurity issues.
  • Special Tactics Selection and Assessment iterations are postponed until travel restrictions are lifted.
  • Click HERE for MyPers Civilian Personnel Guidance. (CAC login required)
  • All Air Force Fitness Testing has been postponed until June 2020, click HERE for MyPers guidance link.
  • President Trump signed into law the Families First Coronavirus Act (FFCRA), providing civilian employees with paid sick leave (initially) and expanded family and medical leave for reasons related to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

  • If you suspect you have been infected or were exposed to someone who has been infected reach out to your chain of command, TRICARE Nurse Advice Line and your local Medical Treatment Facility.

DOD TELEWORKER NOTE: As VPN servers overload, A6 recommendation is to use the OWA Webmail link https://webmail.apps.mil/owa/   

Please update anti-virus software: https://www.disa.mil/NewsandEvents/2020/anti-virus-software-teleworkers


Official Guidance and Memorandums:

May 8, 2020-Clarifying PCS Guidance for Medical Professionals

May 6, 2020-Assignment DEROS and RNLTD "Re-Flow" due to COVID-19 Restrictions

May 1, 2020-Updated Stop Movement Questions and Answers

April 30, 2020-Office of Personnel Management Families First Coronavirus Act Guidance

April 30, 2020-Department of Labor: Families First Coronavirus Act Fact Sheet

April 29, 2020- The Department of Defense Tips on Staying Safe and Connected

April 21, 2020- Updated Stop Movement Questions and Answers

April 20, 2020-Secretary of Defense Memo for Modification of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

April 16, 2020-Under Secretary of Defense Memo for Special Leave Accrual

April 13, 2020-Force Health Protection Guidance Supplement 8-DOD Guidance for Protecting Personnel in Workplaces

April 9, 2020-DOD Fact Sheet on COVID-19 Military Personnel, Pay and Benefits Policy 

April 8, 2020- UK and US Security Agencies Issue COVID-19 Cyber Threat Update

April 6, 2020--Air Force releases guidance in use of cloth face covers

April 3, 2020-AFPC Stop Movement and Concurrent Travel Guidance Updates (MyPers CAC Link)

April 1, 2020-Florida Governor Stay at Home Order

March 27, 2020-Department of Defense Message to the Force on COVID-19 Response

March 26, 2020--International Stop Movement Questions and Answers

March 25, 2020--DOD issues overseas Stop Movement order in response to COVID-19

March 24, 2020--DOD Leaders Virtual Townhall Transcript

March 18, 2020--Air Force Personal Property Shipment Guidance

March 18, 2020--AFPC Stop Movement and Concurrent Travel Updates

March 18, 2020--Common COVID-19 Terms and Procedures

March 17, 2020--AFPC Stop Movement and Concurrent Travel Guidance Updates

March 16, 2020--Secretary of the Air Force COVID-19 Memo

March 16, 2020--SOCOM Approach to COVID 19 Memo

March 13, 2020--Defense Travel Management Office Questions and Answers

March 13, 2020--Deputy Secretary of Defense Memo: Stop Movement for all Domestic Travel for DOD Components

March 13, 2020--Department of Defense FAQ for Travel Restrictions

March 1, 2020--Force Health Protection Guidance--Department of Defense Guidance for Personnel Traveling During Novel Coronavirus Outbreak


Additional Links/Resources:

Center for Disease Control

Department of Defense COVID-19 Info

U.S. Special Operations Command COVID-19 Info

U.S. Air Force COVID-19 Info


Department of Homeland Security Cyber and Infrastructure Info


Local Installation updates (closures, commander announcements, etc.):

Hurlburt Field -HPCON Charlie

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  • Hurlburt Field Facebook: www.facebook.com/HurlburtFieldOfficial
  • Air Force Special Tactics Facebook: www.facebook.com/airforcespecialtactics

Fort Benning- HPCON Charlie

Fort Bragg/Pope Field- HPCON Charlie

Cannon Air Force Base- HPCON Charlie

Joint Base Lews-McChord HPCON Charlie

Nellis Air Force Base-HPCON Charlie